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About Us

A-Doprava s.r.o. is ranked amongst middle sized transportation focused companies in eastern part of Czech Republic. In field of delivery we are ranked amongst the biggest companies in whole Czech Republic. For longer than 20 years we have been providing services to our customers in fields of material, goods, food and passengers transportation. We can also help you with your house/company moving, cargo manipulation, loading and unloading.

Customer base

Our customers are usually private entrepreneurs and companies ranging form big to small-sized ones. We mainly focus on local market, but we also regulary transport to other european countries, mostly Germany, Poland, Austria and Italy.

Among our familiar customers belong: Plzeňský Prazdroj, Brewery Perštejn Pardubice, Primátor Brewery Náchod, Brewery Krušovice, Milkfactory Pragolaktos - Praha, Sachsen Milch - Leppersdorf, Germany and Coca-Cola HBC Czechia and Slovakia.

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